Milrem LCM provides services for the improvement of ground vehicle ballistic protection. Completed projects include the installation of spall liners on XA-188 armoured vehicles and armouring the gun placements of the Admiral Cowen, a vessel operated by the Estonian Navy. We work with leading European manufacturers of ballistic materials.

We offer two types of ballistic protection.

Spall liner is a common name for a soft material that is mounted in the crew compartment of a vehicle. The materials commonly used are rubberized aramid, glass fabric or ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene. The purpose of the spall liner is to prevent fragments (spall), generated during an impact, from being accelerated towards the occupants of the vehicle. Based on the type of vehicle, spall liner is installed either as monolith laminated plates or fabric. Testing and certification is done according to the NATO STANAG 2920 standard.

Add-on armour is additional armour installed on vehicles that is as light as possible while ensuring maximum ballistic protection. The materials used range from aluminium to ceramic tiles. The final configuration depends on customer preference and vehicle type. Add-on armour is an easy and flexible method to increase the ballistic protection of any vehicle.