Mercedes-Benz GD transport rack
Milrem LCM installed roof racks on Mercedes-Benz GD vehicles belonging to the Defence Forces. It is a modular aluminium platform that is durable and lightweight. Modules can be added or removed as necessary. The platform has a number of different fixing points to allow easy attachment of various items. At the client’s request, we installed an additional ladder for easy access to the roof of the vehicle.

10 vehicles were fitted with a roof rack.

Marking for abnormal load escort vehicles
At the request of the Defence Forces, Milrem LCM made abnormal load markings for Mercedes-Benz GDs and Volkswagen Transporters and markings for Defence Forces convoys. The markings can be quickly and easily attached to structures. The device is based on a Thule roof rack that can be fixed to the original fixing points on a vehicle. The marking is equipped with six surface-mounted flashing LED warning lights and four LED lights. The flashing lights and illuminating lights operate in three modes: front and/or back lights.
The device has a working position (60°) and an ‘off’ position (to reduce wind resistance).