Milrem LCM provides design and product development services for both individual products and comprehensive solutions. The service includes reverse engineering and the development of new solutions.

• task mapping
• project management
• computer-aided design, including reverse engineering
• product development and manufacturing in compliance with relevant standards
• assembly and installation

Main services:

Reverse engineering and 3D scanning
Reverse engineering technology enables the duplication of an existing part by capturing the component’s physical dimensions, features and material properties in order to create models and drawings. Input for reverse engineering can be collected by taking measurements manually or by scanning. Manual measuring techniques are suitable for collecting data on less complex components.
3D scanning allows the creation of a precise point-cloud 3D model of an existing object. The point cloud is correctly scaled and can be used both for measurement and for creating a complete CAD model.

Photogrammetry is suitable for creating 3D models of components that require high precision. An advantage of photogrammetry over 3D scanning is that it allows the extraction of colour and texture information. A disadvantage is that it is considerably more time-consuming.

Component manufacturing
Milrem works together with professionals in their field to subcontract the manufacture of the majority of components.